June 24, 2014

summah time

Well, I've been terrible at keeping up with just about everything these last few months. Not that I was ever very good at updating this here blog... oh well. Haven't been up to much lately. Except, y'know, that whole job search thing (aka story of my life). I've been taking some fun photos, though! I had my first "gig" photographing a friend's wedding, and then I also got to take pictures at another friend's henna event! 

I'll be back... hopefully within the week, but probably within the next month or so. Haha.

February 20, 2014

outtakes: couples yoga & pure barre brookline

Hello hello! I have been running around all crazy-like for a few days. I'm sure I'll post more in detail about the other goings-on in my life at the moment, but for now, just look at some pretty people in sort-of-pretty pictures! :) 

Right before Valentine's Day my wonderful models (aka my friends) willingly let me take photos of them showing off some of their couples yoga moves. It was a lot fun, as you can see!

And then this week I got to take photos at Pure Barre Brookline! The studio just opened, and you know I LOOOVE Pure Barre! I had so much fun playing around with the giant mirrors in the studio.

All of the lovely people featured in the photos are wearing lululemon gear. Disclaimer/newsflash/etc.: I've been working for a lululemon athletica store in the Boston area for the last few months, and just recently I've taken over some of the photography for our store. It has been a total blast so far. I am a complete amateur with my camera... but I'm having so much fun learning! Hopefully I manage to capture some good photos in the process!