February 17, 2013

finger thingies!

I've been having some fun with painting my nails with crazy glittery polish lately. As you can clearly see.

After seriously stalking looking at some nail polish blogs (guys, there are blogs solely dedicated to nail polish... and they all have perfect nails! How do they do this???), I purchased a few different brands and colors. Y'know, for market research purposes! I took some pictures, too. I hear that's what bloggers do. Take pictures of silly stuff.

So, let's see... I guess I should share which colors I'm wearing, yeah?

Top: OPI Casino Royale (the plummy color!), and KBShimmer Showgirl.
Middle: KBShimmer Clown Puke over OPI Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey
Bottom: China Glaze It's a Trap-eze! over China Glaze Aquadelic 

February 2, 2013


Oh wow... my last post was way back in November. Yikes. I blame the holidays. Also, I've been preeeeetty busy lately. I'm working full-time and taking a couple of classes. Marathon training (...don't ask...) and a bunch of other crap is getting in the way, too. So, here are some of my Instagram photos!

I'm constantly amazed at the people who have super-polished, curated, professional blog posts. I'm not organized enough to do that. No, that's a lie... I just don't make it a priority to come up with/have awesome posts on my blog on a regular basis. Every time I tell myself I'm going to put more effort into the whole blog thing, I have other stuff pop up. Or... I'm really good at coming up with excuses on why I can't work on my personal (read: non-school, non-work) stuff. Well, I guess I can give it another good ol' college try? Let's see if I can do this. For the 129501825th time.

purple labbit // alex and ani bracelets (my latest obsession!!!)
new balance running shoes // my awesome 5k medal // boston symphony hall