June 24, 2012


Sometimes being a tourist in your own city is fun! A friend came to visit us at our temporary residence in Connecticut, and we made a day trip over to Boston. The weather was fabulous until right as we were getting ready to leave. Maybe Boston was sad that we were leaving! 

June 11, 2012

post-travel blues

My new friend from Thailand!

The last six weeks of my life were completely crazy due to:
  1. Finishing up my first year of business school. 
  2. Learning how to use my new camera!!!
  3. Taking a month-long trip all over Asia.
  4. Catching an insane flu/cold and being sick for three solid days right after setting foot in Boston.
  5. Moving to Connecticut for my new internship. 
  6. Getting the most random eye infection (yuck). 
  7. Starting my new internship in two days (yikes!). 
I think I'm finally ready to really start blogging and taking photos of myself again. I feel it'll be a good way to deal with some of my strange issues that shouldn't be taking us so much space in my brain. 

The Shanghai skyline