January 22, 2012

all that change

The second half of last year was rough.  It felt like I was frantically trying to make up for all the mistakes I've made in the past four years of my life.  

Which is just total, complete bullshit. 

It's my life, and we're allowed to make mistakes.  I'm allowed to doubt myself and cry (occasionally) and scream and throw a bitch fit in the privacy of my own home. And after I've exhausted myself crying, I'm allowed to sit on my couch and watch mega-marathons of Phineas & Ferb while I eat disgusting amounts of pasta until my brain is mostly numb (and my pants don't fit, but that's why you have super-stretchy sweatpants). 

And I'm allowed to make my own decisions about where my life goes. 

So I'm back, in a sense.  Things are a little different.  There are some new people in my life.  One person in particular is pretty damn special.  And amazingly, I managed to get through the first semester of business school with just a minimal number of panic attacks and white hairs.  

If you ask me, that's a solid start to an epic 2012.