January 29, 2014

it's always sunny in philadelphia

Philadelphia Museum of Art

On Sunday, I took a whirlwind, 24-hour trip to Philadelphia to visit one of my best friends! We walked all over the city so I could see the sights, like the Museum of Art. Look familiar? It's from Rocky #... I forget which one of the bajillion in the series. But I wanted to run up the steps, just like in that famous scene! My parents are huge fans of the original movies (as in, not Rocky Balboa).

With the 'Rocky' statue!

Then we went to the Flyers Carnival! I was finally surrounded by THOUSANDS of people in orange and black Flyers gear. Yes, I know. I live in Boston. With all the Bruins/Celtics/Red Sox/Patriots fans. It's fine. I can deal with the heckling. Anyway, the carnival raises money for charities and non-profits in the Philly region. Fans can pay for autographs and photos from their favorite players - current and alumni! 

I found my people!

My friend and I made a beeline for Sean Couturier's autograph booth. He's my favorite Flyers player, and I came armed with my very own Couturier t-shirt for him to sign. Once it was my turn, I completely panicked and started acting like a 13-year old girl. I giggled, shouted "I LOVE YOU!" at him, and then ran away. Not one of my finer moments, but probably very amusing for everyone else around me. 

Waiting for Coots... 
Philadelphia City Hall

I also got to try my first-ever authentic Philly cheesesteak! It was delicious and greasy and basically everything I'd hoped for. Overall it was an awesome trip! My only regret is that it was so short! I promised my friend that I'd be back for a longer trip during the spring or summer. Next time I want to see the Liberty Bell!