November 27, 2012

turkey day in the turks(&caicos)

B's family invited me to join them for Thanksgiving in the Turks & Caicos, and I was so thrilled to be a part of it. We had a fantastic time swimming and sunbathing and snorkeling... y'know, typical Thanksgiving activities. Of course, there was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and all the fixin's) on Thursday. Can't have Thanksgiving without a turkey and mashed potatoes. The only rough part of the whole trip was coming back to work on Monday... man, sitting down in front of my work computer and opening up emails and Excel spreadsheets was such a bummer. 

And I somehow managed to take about 300 pictures over 4 days. Don't worry, I'm not posting them all here... or am I? Okay, no, seriously. That would be such an awful thing for me to do. I'll only rub it in your faces for a little bit. Hehe. 

Gorgeous beaches
Beautiful villa!
Conch shell
'Tis me!
Toes in the warm sand

November 13, 2012

a day trip!

I just realized 'arrivals' is spelled wrong here - the bear's still cute!
Duck boats! A must if/when you visit Boston!

This past weekend, we escaped to Boston for a quick little day trip! It was a really beautiful day. I love New England, but damn does it get cold. I'm not looking forward to the winter. Mostly because I can't seem to figure out where my winter coat is. I know it has to be somewhere... eh, I'll find it.

We wandered around for a bit before making stops at Marathon Sports (new running shoes for B, a pair of running gloves for me), and a cupcake place I can't remember the name of. It's new, and it's on Newbury Street. I'm too lazy to Google it. After that, we went to see Skyfall, and then we had dinner with a few of our grad school friends at a Korean place! I stuffed my face full of kimchi instead of socializing. I am a terrible friend. Hopefully they understand that kimchi is my life force.

That's all for now! :)

Salted caramel and chocolate ganache... mmm.

November 4, 2012


Wedding season is over for me this year! I've had a lovely time celebrating with many lovely couples all year long, but now it's time for my bank account to recover a little bit after all the splurging on flights and hotels and gifts.

The final wedding in the 2012 season was held last weekend in Tarrytown, New York. It was almost like a high school reunion for me, seeing as the groom is a friend of mine from way-back-then! I had a great time seeing some of my friends from high school - and naturally, we were all seated at the same table during the reception. Heh.

Classic red rose centerpiece
My high school friends - including the happy groom!
(I'm in the striped dress, obviously...)
Celebratory cigars from the reception!

I did take many more pictures that day with my fancy camera, but I'd rather not upload all 70+ to the blog, y'know? 

Anyway, the season's over, and just in time for me to start buying Christmas gifts. Ha, funny. Also, it seems that the invitations for next year's wedding season are already starting to trickle in. Vermont wedding next May? Sure... yeah... I'll be there. 

And I suppose if you're curious about these things - my dress is from Old Navy. From like, two years ago. Best impulse shopping purchase I've made, probably ever. I've worn it to work, school, and now a wedding! Whoo!