March 24, 2013

kauai, hawaii

I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago! It was a little disheartening to come back to snow-bombed Boston after a week of pineapple cocktails and constant sunshine. Oh well. I love Boston. It may be a different kind of love than the way I love Hawaii, but it's love nonetheless. B's brother lives out in Kauai (aka paradise), so we got to visit him!

I don't know what this crazy, dragon's egg-looking thing is...

So, we hiked part of the Kalalau Trail. The entire trail is about 11 miles long, but we only covered the first four miles. Oh man, it was INTENSE. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're in good (or great) physical condition, and don't mind hiking some pretty steep (and slippery) hills. The views were so worth it, though, as you can (hopefully) see by my gazillion photos. After hiking 8 miles (4 miles in, 4 miles out), I spent the next day spoiling myself at the spa. My life is so tough sometimes... ha.

I brought a bit of the island back with me! Sunrise shell earrings. They can only be found in Hawaii, and are supposed to be lucky. I haven't worn them yet (whoops...) but I'll let you know if I have an especially lucky day when I do wear them.

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