March 27, 2013

nail polish whoo!

Ah, nail polish, how much I love thee. So much so that I made a separate tab for "nail polish" on my blog's home page. So colorful and sparkly... which not-so-coincidentally are my two favorite qualities in... anything! I've amassed quite a collection of glittery nail polishes. Too many, maybe?

Anyway, here are pictures of super-pretty nail polish colors on my not-as-pretty fingers!
China Glaze Blue Paradise, Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean, China Glaze Techno
KBShimmer Oh Splat!
OPI Cosmo-not Tonight Honey and KBShimmer Clown Puke

Hm... looking at these pictures makes me realize how short my pinky is in comparison to my other fingers. Weird. In an attempt to achieve a balance between enthusiast and crazed hoarder, I've been giving away some of my unused polishes to my friends. I don't know if it works that well when you keep buying nail polish, though.

Not really sure where you can find the China Glaze and OPI colors (I bought these years ago), but KBShimmer polishes are available on their website. And I buy most of my indie nail polishes like Girly Bits from Llarowe.

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