July 26, 2013

a trip to the handle bar

My friend Jess recently invited me to go to a spin class with her at a new studio in South Boston. I actually met Jess through Pure Barre (and Twitter)! She has a fantastic fitness/lifestyle blog called Little Miss Runshine. I rather creepily stalked her on Twitter and through her blog before I worked up the nerve to talk to her in person. Yes, I can be very strange and creepy.

She's training for the Pan Mass Challenge - a 192-mile bike ride through Massachusetts over the course of two days! Whew! I was just getting over a pretty nasty summer cold, and was in desperate need of a good, hard workout after being practically bed-ridden for a few days. And that's how I found myself at The Handle Bar for the first time! Our class was led by the super-energetic owner, Jess (not my friend Jess, a different Jess - and yes, it was a little confusing at first)!

Shoes that are not designer shoes... WTF?!

I don't spin (Spin? Is it a proper noun...?) all that often, so this was the first time I experienced real, hardcore spinning shoes. Y'know, the kind that locks into the pedal? And this is how you know I'm a spinning amateur... haha. Initially I felt a little uncomfortable having my feet stuck in place, but the shoes helped keep me on the pedals when we shifted positions. I've had experiences in the past when my foot would slip off, and then I'd completely lose momentum or almost fall off the bike.  

I like working out to up-tempo jaaaaams, and the playlist definitely kept me moving. Some folks said the music was a little too loud, but it didn't bother me at all. Although... I like to run with my iPod blasting at max volume, so that take that as you will. I'm really tempted to buy one of the class packages, so I can go on days I'm supposed to cross-train for my upcoming races. I say "supposed to", because I haven't been running at all, even though I'm registered for a 10K AND a half-marathon at the end of August. Whoops...

Photo from Jess! :) I'm being a complete clown on the far right...

I got so distracted after taking photos of my feet, that I completely forgot to take other photos. Thanks so much to The Handle Bar for a kick-ass time! I'll definitely be coming back! 


  1. I love that you stalked me :) I'm "creepy" too and my friends tease me because I meet so many friends online! haha! I love it though!

    Looking forward to our next workout together! :)

    1. Haha, I definitely get the same comments from my friends!

      And yes, we'll have to find something fun to do! :)