July 25, 2013

the pure barre life

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Is it possible to be in love with (and possibly addicted to) an exercise class?

Because I am.

I started attending Pure Barre classes this past December right when the Pure Barre Boston studio opened, and I've been completely hooked ever since then. And I recently reached one of my major fitness goals for the summer - hitting my 100th Pure Barre class and being officially "inducted" into the 100 Club. And most importantly, getting those special socks!

My official 100 Club photo with the amazing Angela! :)
I LOVE celebrating milestones. It makes each class so much more engaging, and you really feel as though you're part of a tight-knit little community. It's great seeing all of the lovely people at Pure Barre Boston cheering each other on as we reach these goals together! The studio has such a positive, supportive environment, and it makes me look forward to going to class each day. And it also helps that all of the instructors are totally awesome and funny, yet still completely approachable.

Now you're probably thinking, Good grief, Esther, did you drink the Pure Barre Kool-Aid or what...?  and that's okay. I have been singing Pure Barre's praises to anyone who will stop long enough to listen to me. Pure Barre has really helped me overcome some of my own mental barriers. Every class I feel myself getting stronger, and it makes me feel that much more confident. There's something almost therapeutic about going to class. It helps me clear my head. It's an hour I get to spend just to myself, working towards my own goals.

Even my boyfriend remarks on how much more relaxed I am on days I get to class compared to the days I don't go. So obviously, he fully supports anything that means I won't be a grouchy, cranky b*tch to him throughout the entire day. My next goal is to get to 200 classes by the end of the year... I think I'll be able to do it!


On a tangent: y'know, I always blame "life" on being an inconsistent blogger, but it's mostly just because I'm lazy. And I get distracted very easily. Every time I tell myself I'll blog more often - because I actually do enjoy writing and sharing funny things about my life - I always end up pushing it way way waaay down my list of things to do. So, this time I won't promise to blog 'x' times per week. I'll just post a little more frequently than once every few months. Under-promise, over-deliver... hehe.

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