September 3, 2013

running with disney: the dumbo double dare!

Snapshots from Disneyland!

Most of my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram friends already know this (thanks to my unrelenting hailstorm of updates), but I completed the runDisney Dumbo Double Dare this past weekend! What is the Dumbo Double Dare? Well, it's this crazy little thing that involves running a 10K on Saturday, followed by running a half marathon on Sunday. Yeah, that's how I spent my "relaxing" Labor Day break. Ha. 

I ended up with a new personal best in the 10K (wahoo!), but the half marathon just about killed me.  The combination of tight muscles, heat, and humidity was deadly. I stumbled across the finish line about 35 minutes later than I had hoped for, and I'm still pretty bummed out about my finishing time. 

This was my first runDisney event, and I didn't really know what to expect... y'know, other than crazy awesome race bling at the end. And that you get to run through parts of the Disney park - and the castle! I'll be honest... most of the event is set up as a big photo op. LOTS of runners will just kind of drop off to the side and stand in lines to get a snapshot with Mickey or the other characters who make an appearance. There are also a TON of photographers on the course, and some people are really eager to get their photos taken during the race. I have to admit, it was a little disconcerting at first. I'm not accustomed to having people pop in front of me to get their photos taken during a race, and it startled me quite a few times. 

If you're very serious about running just for the sake of running, or you're trying to hit a new personal record, the runDisney events might not be the best option. These events are really all about having fun and soaking in that amazing Disney magic! They play lots of Disney songs along the course, and most people wear fun costumes inspired by Disney characters. If you're considering signing up for a runDisney event, just be sure you're okay with that kind of race environment! Now that I have a better understanding of what goes on, I think I'll have a lot more fun at my next runDisney half marathon in November! 

Tucking (and looking super-grouchy) after the half marathon!
(If you're curious, I'm wearing a Lululemon tank, crops and headband + Zensah compression sleeves)

Oh, and yes, I did have to do a little Pure Barre "shout-out" after the races. The classes have been part of my training, and I think it definitely helped me beat my old 10K time! I look unhappy because I realized just as the photo was being taken that the balls of my feet were blistered. Ew!

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for agreeing to participate with me! He crushed the 10K AND the half marathon with times of ~44 minutes and 1:39, respectively. Yep... he's a beast. 

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