April 20, 2013

spring cleaning lite

I'm attempting to actually do this blogging thing (for the 19019350th time), and I've been making a couple of small changes here and there to the blog layout. I have labels! Things are labeled! You can sort by label! Whoooooo! I know, I know... total amateur hour.

And I've listed my race schedules for 2013 and 2014 (so far). Over that-a-way ----->! Under the picture of me jumping! I'll write more about being a really slow amateur runner some other time. Because I'm sure people really want to read all about the gruesome details of chafing and shin splints. ;)

Maybe one day I'll add things for social media, too! Y'know, those fancy little buttons so you can find me on Instagram and Twitter and all those other things that bloggers generally have on the their blogs! One baby step at a time, people.

This has nothing to do with anything... I just think it's funny.

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