May 14, 2013

a second furman grad!

It's official! My brother is now a college grad... as of two weeks ago. I'm really behind on everything right now. I made my way down to Greenville, South Carolina a few weekends ago to see my brother graduate from Furman University (also my undergrad alma mater!). 

Don't let my short dress fool you. It was unnaturally cold for early May (in SC, mind you). And rainy. My brother's graduation ended up being held inside. This is the first time since 2007 that the graduation ceremony had to be moved indoors... which is also coincidentally the year I graduated! Needless to say, my mom was not pleased that she had to watch both her kids graduate college from inside a basketball arena. 

See the family resemblance?
We're legacies now!

I had the honor of presenting my little brother with his special purple-and-white legacy cords before his graduation ceremony at a special Legacy Dinner. That was kind of snazzy. When I graduated, the "regular" graduation dinner was held in the campus dining hall. Not so snazzy. Legacy families have it nice! And now we're one, too!

Sometimes we pretend we're normal...
I feel kind of old now that my brother has graduated college (and is turning 22 this summer)! AND he's going to start working soon! My little brother's going to be teaching English in Japan for a year (possibly two)! He's about 5 steps ahead of where I was when I graduated from college. Maybe that's why my mom calls him "the smart, sensible one". Ha.

Congrats, little brother!

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