June 19, 2013


Based on the photo, it looks like my summer has been really relaxing so far, doesn't it? These pictures couldn't be any further from the truth! It was B's birthday earlier this month, so we had a birthday barbecue at his uncle's place. It was a lot of fun, but also probably the only weekend I've had free since January. 

So what have I been up to? I just started a new internship/job, and I'm also still taking graduate classes. Also, I've been trying to work out regularly (Pure Barre is my new fave! I'll have to do a separate post soon...), and I have a 10K race coming up. I actually spend a good part of my day staring blankly into space and then wondering when my schedule will ease up. I also went to a wedding, a hockey game... a couple of other things here and there. Your schedule fills up pretty fast when you only have a few hours of free time each week...! 

And we're moving into a new apartment soon, too! I'm very excited about being IN Boston, and I can't wait to decorate the new place. But at the same time, I wonder when I'll find the time to do any of that... this is why coffee is my new best friend. 

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