July 2, 2012

panda balls

During my recent trip to Japan, I brought home an onigiri (rice ball) mold. It's shaped like a panda - how could I possibly resist?! I plopped down the 1000yen for it without even thinking.

I finally put it to the test a few days ago when B and I decided to make our own onigiri. We used a mix of canned tuna, mayo and hot sauce for the filling to try and replicate the onigiri I had in Tokyo. They actually turned out pretty well! The only thing we were missing was nori (seaweed). My panda mold came with a little hole punch-like thing that you can use to cut the seaweed into panda faces. Still, the panda balls were so cute, and so much fun to eat.

B and a panda rice ball.
B made regular rice balls, because he didn't want to wait for the pandas. But then he ate the pandas I made anyway. Ha!

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