July 26, 2012

the beach house

Hello there, sailor!
The happiest place in the world is the beach house! B and I went to Scituate (in Massachusetts) last weekend, and had a wonderfully relaxing time. We're going back this weekend, too! It's the best place to unwind after a long work week, and I'm so so so so grateful to B's family that they are letting us stay there a few times over the summer. My summer got infinitely better, wouldn't you say?

Best view in the world...!
Love these cups!

Goofing around on the rocks 

Of course, it wouldn't be summer without some good summer beer! B and I try not to be too snotty about booze, but it's a lot more fun to get tipsy/drunk when it tastes good. Who am I kidding... we're total snots.

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