July 3, 2012

run free

B and I registered for the Boston Half-Marathon in October! We're running and raising funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. My major goal is to finish the 13.1 miles, so I started training last week.

During my first training run, my Asics running shoes started to feel really heavy, and I had shooting pains up my legs after just one mile. Not good. I did some research and then went and tried on a pair of Nike Free running shoes at the local Finish Line, and it is the best decision I've made in a while. They're super-light, and perfect for my feet.

And bonus points for the integrated tongue design - now I don't have to worry about the silly things shifting all the way to the side of my feet. Oh, and I didn't get paid by Nike to write any of this. Or by Finish Line, for that matter. Just so you know.

B and I each got a pair in different colors, so we can match. His are the comically large ones, naturally. Sometimes I think we're just too silly for words.

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